Microsoft buying Nokia ?!?

Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop greets Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer when the deal to use Windows Phone was announced. Are they going to do it again? Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images  
A notable rumour going around: Microsoft is going to bid for Nokia, the world's most prolific maker of mobile handsets, although passed now by Apple for revenue from mobile phones.
The rumour comes courtesy of Russian blogger Eldar Mutazin, who has form: he suggested last year that there were talks going on between Nokia and Microsoft over Windows Phone, at a time when everybody thought Nokia was going to stick rigidly to Symbian - since ditched. He has also been sued by Nokia in July 2010 over the fact that he got some hands-on time with some new Nokia kit - something they were unhappy about. (The lawsuit is a clue.) So clearly he has contacts inside the Finnish company.

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