Microsoft Buys Skype for $8.5 billion : A step towards telecommunication

Skype is acquired again.eBay purchased the online voice service back in 2005 but never quite figured out what to do with it and made it independent once more.
Now Microsoft has acquired Skype for the sum of $8.5 billion in cash.
Microsoft said it plans to integrate Skype's technology in all of its platforms such as Windows, Xbox, Kinect and Windows Phone 7 to allow for seamless chat between all of your screens. It also said it plans to continue supporting existing platforms for the time being.

The utility of Skype is great but buying it with a billion dollar of $8.5 makes me feel that Microsoft really has a big plan with it.
Google held its annual developer conference in San Francisco this week and unveiled quite a few new initiatives and updates to its existing platforms.I am not interested to describe all those existing functions but the most interesting part of this is Android 3.0 for tablets such as the Motorola Xoom and forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.It’s a big blast that the new version of Android will support music and video . The new version of the Android software improves performance systemwide as well as with Flash video playback. It also allows you to scroll through more than five of your most recently used apps in the multitasking browser.

Google's video service is presently available online and for Android tablets running version 3.1 (Verizon Xooms presently). Android phones running version 2.2 and greater will see an update in the Android Marketplace in the coming weeks to allow streaming to those devices as well.


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