Why one should use traditional telecommunication network?-Mobile VOiP is the best alternative.

To start the discussion about this matter we first need to understand what mobile VOiP is and how it will change the future telecommunication.

Mobile VoIP is still a relatively new technology that is gaining adoption, yet still has much room for growth. One of the obstacles to this growth, however, is a lack of understanding among the consumer sector as to what mobile VoIP is and what it can do for communications.

In the most basic sense, mobile VoIP is a communication technology platform that people use to send and receive phone calls with the Internet connection on a mobile device. This varies from standard cellular service as the call is not being placed through the voice network. Instead, the call is being transmitted over the network of a third party mobile VoIP service provider.

A mobile VoIP call is placed on a mobile device and that transmission takes place over an available network so that it does not use the available and costly “minutes” on a cell plan. At the same time, the user is not charged any carrier long distance fees. In some cases, an applicable charge may be applied by the mobile VoIP provider.

The ability to make calls without using minutes or incurring long distance charges is truly one of the biggest benefits to mobile VoIP. The charges associated with this communication channel tend to be much lower than the cost associated with the standard use of the cellular phone or other mobile calling device.

Mobile VoIP services can be used anywhere the individual can locate a WiFi (News - Alert) or a 3G data connection. There are several companies that currently offer mobile VoIP service, each with their own value proposition in the market.
So,using mobile VOiP one can easily make a call with a cheap rate regardless of the distance.Technology means replacement of old one with the new one.So,if one has the technology of mobile VOiP why should one go for traditional telecommunication?

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