How Google Search Engine Works ?

Have you ever thought or tried to get the answer of the question how Google search engine works within a small amount time and give you a thousand of related data to you?A person frm Munich named Robert V asked the question and in response to that question the head of spam detection,Mountain View Maat Kates prepared an Youtube video .
In the video Maat Kates has explained very nicely how Google Search Engine Works.The question which was asked by Robert V was like below:

According to Maat Kates for a good search engine there must have 3 things which should be top.The things are below:
1.You want to crawl the web comprehensively and deeply.
2.You want to index those pages.
3.You want to rank and serve those pages and return the most relevant one's first.

Crawling is the most difficult thing than you might think as per Kates.Google basically take the page rank as the primary determinant.Page Rank means that more people linked to you and the more reputable they are or the more likely it is.
The next thing Google does is regularly updating the indexed pages interms of page ranks and checking for whether any new things has been added to the pages so that the pages which were behind can go to the first page or not?or the pages having high ranking are outdated or not.

Indexing is basically taking things in word orders.Like if you want to search one work "Katy Perry" then google will search for the first word "Katy" and then the second word "Perry" and then it will combine the search result for both Katy and Pery and select that one which is having the combination of Katy and Pery.

If you want to know more then you can go to the you will also get the details.
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Thanks a lot for the article.I tried to get the answer and you described it in a very easy and simple way.Thanks!

Though the article is small,it is having a lot of information about the backbone technique.Thanks for the hard work.

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