Survey Shows 75% Smart Phone User in US are Interested in Wi-Fi Services

A survey shows that quarter third of the US smart phone mobile users are preffering Wi-Fi services provided by their mobile operators.This survey was conducted by Kineto Wireless.This Kineto Wireless provides Wi-Fi service to the mobile network operators.The survey was  conducted among 420smartphone users.This survey also shows that 72 percent of the smart phone users prefer the service which uses Wi-Fi to develop network coverage.
There is also another survey conducted which shows that 89% has smart phone enabled Wi-Fi to their handsets,54% has Wi-Fi in their houses and another 77% uses Wi-Fi in their work places.
"Wi-Fi has become pervasive in the smartphone market, and subscribers are interested in options that help them take better advantage of Wi-Fi for coverage and cheaper calling," said Steve Shaw, vice president of marketing for Kineto Wireless. "This data helps reiterate the market opportunities for mobile operators. With Kineto's Smart Wi-Fi Application, they can improve service quality and develop subscriber-friendly services that drive mobile data offload."
This post is inspired by a post published in Cellular-news.

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