Why Mobile Number Portability is Still Not Implemented in Bangladesh?!?

MNP which means mobile number portability.This means that you will change your mobile service provider but your number will be the same like before but you will be able to use facility of other mobile service operator.To make this service enabled a small amount of charge is been paid to the customer.
In our neighboring country India the MNP facility is already available and  subscribers are already changing their mobile service provider where they are not satisfied with their current service provider.This facility is undoubtedly great for the subscriber cause he is getting a large area to choose his service provider and additionally he do not have any tension of changed digit of his mobile number cause the number will remain all the same.This also increases the competition between the mobile service provider cause then they think that their existing user will leave their service if this is not good.
But still now in Bangladesh this service is not available.In some areas the service of some operator is not good at all but as the person own the number for a long time and his friend and family knows this number he is not ready to change his number and satisfied with this poor service.In some cases,the call rate of one operator is high.So,subscriber wants to switch to other operator abut unable to change cause his number will get changed.

 Now the question is why the mobile operators are not starting this service.Behind this is there any engineering of revenue??Is any big operator in Bangladesh thinking that because of the high call rate the subscribers will switch to other network and the charn rate will get higher and they are making this service unavailable artificially??

My responsibility and power is only to identify the point and pass this to the proper authority.Hope proper authority will take initiative to make this MNP facility available and if it happens then the customers will get benefited.

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