Mobile Operators in Bangladesh Should Not Charge to the Customer Care Numbers

Readers,what do you think?Should any mobile operator charge call rate to the customer care numbers?May be your answer will be "NO".Cause you are the ultimate suffer who pays some unnecessary call rates to the operator to solve problems which are most of the time made by the mobile operators.So,why the customers or the subscribers should pay for this?Is there any valid reason?
Suppose you are facing a network problem in your area and you want to know why you are facing this problem and called to the customer care numbers.The automated computer tone will take one minute of your time just to identify in which section you want to call.And you are paying for this call.Is it your fault that the network is not available?Obviously not.So,why you will pay for the call.
Again if you face any billing problem in the same way you need to call.But this is again not your fault.But you are paying the penalty.This is ridiculous.
In most of the countries in the world where telecommunication market is in a decent  position,the mobile operators have their toll free numbers where subscribers call and drop their problem.But this is unfortunate that a country like Bangladesh where many multinational operators are continuing their business in a very smooth way,they are not giving this facility to this third world people.This is injustice.
Without any excuse the operators should sit together and take decision that they will provide their own toll free number for the customer problem.We hope our Government will surely look into our interest and will look into this and take proper action.


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