Bandwidth Price Issue In Banaldesh

In this year during the month of February Government of Bangladesh has cut the bandwidth price from 18,000 Tk to 12,000 Tk.But the ISP(Internet Service Providers) are still not fixing the price and not serving the internet to the user in a lower rate.
Their point is that ISP is experiencing more operational cost while maintaining their operation.They did not reduce a single taka after the cut of bandwidth price.They are saying that they are spending more money while serving the user through underground cable which was overhead from the very beginning.
Their point is correct in some extent but this cause of underground cabling is effecting the service when it is going outside Dhaka but within Dhaka do you think the operational cost is that much high to cause a reason that they will not lessen the bandwidth price?
Where the WiMax operators has already made the cost of the bandwidth half and providing the user accordingly.If i personally compare,i have a broadband connection from my local ISP.The browsing speed of this is 256 kbps and i need to pay 800 Tk.Whether at the same time,i have my WiMax connection with 1 Mbps speed and 1 GB download limit.But i need to buy only a card of 400 TK.
I will get the WiMax connection with unlimited download limit only by 900 tk but the ISP will charge me around 2100 tk.So,readers you can clearly see where the discrimination is created.

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