Facebook Networked Blog Discussion Board Is Not Working

Yes,the Facebook Networked Blog Discussion Board is not working right now as of 4:02 PM EST.I am experiencing this problem for previous one hour.When i am clicking on the discussion topic,this is driving me to the home page of my Facebook page.This is not my own problem.I have confirmed this with one of my friend who is staying in USA.

We who are the regular participants in the discussion board are facing problem.We are unable to promote our blog activities in the Networked blogs.

Hopefully Facebook will fix this within a short period of time.But the facility is needed by me right now cause specially in this time i work on my blog actively.

Friends and readers please let me know via comments when this problem gets fixed.


Is the discussion board down for good? I hope they fix it soon. It is still unavailable as of 4th Aug. I would like to promote my blog but without the discussion board it is just very difficult for me to do so. Fix it soon please.

@Phoebe Tay Zhang Hui...it seems the networked blog discussion blog is down for good and they have just changed their format.By the way do not get upset and do not be helpless.Try to make a page in Facebook and try to promote this ..hope it will work..!

I agree with Himadri. With proper promotion, a Facebook page works just as well. I do feel your pain, however. The discussion board was always great when I wanted to promote new sites I came out with.

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