Google Plus Has Turned Out As Google Minus !

Yes,Google Plus the latest social networking platform from Google is turning out as Google Minus as the active users in Google Plus getting lower.On the first month of its launch,the user rate has dropped about 3 percent only in Europe.
Though the Google Plus is not now open to join but this is not a difficult task to get a Google Plus invitation these days.So,if people had their intention to use this this is not a problem to join into it and continue activity.
From my own experience i can tell you that people are not that much active in Google Plus.I have more than 50 friends but when i check in my page i do not see anyone shared any photo or comment there.I just check the page one to two times and i do not see any important or interesting thing which can attract me to continue on this page.
I know there are some interesting feature and this is only the beta version but Google should do some additional activity or promotion to make the process ongoing.Otherwise the minus in traffic will continue.Hope a success of the Google + project.
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