Editorial: Blogging Is the Best Platform To Explore Ideas !

Dear Reader, thank you for your attention on this post.May be you are a new reader to my blog or may be you are a regular reader.I am not sure whether you have the habit of regular writing or not but i am sure that you have the curiosity to know new things and you are creative and your creativity has moved you to read this post.Continue reading,i am not going to cheat you with some good word combination.The post will help you to think out of the stream.

Before creating this blog i was searching some platform to contribute my ideas and thoughts and was eager to explore those ideas.I wrote for some paid platform but i thought that this is not the best platform to explore my ideas cause that is related to money and my creativity is not fully explored.At that time i was not aware about the free blogging platform.I searched for different things and finally i have got to know that Blogger is a free platform which will allow me to explore my ideas.So,i opened one blog in blogger.

At that time this blog was also named "Teleinfo".Then i started writing some small stories about telecommunication and wireless communication related writing.One day i have got to know that i can also earn from my blog by integrating Google Adsense in my blog.Then i integrated for Google Adsense and applied for Adsense.I was so lucky that my Adsense account was approved very quickly and i started showing Ads in my sidebar and blog header.

At that time the blog was not that much decent.Then i started to search for different topics about how to make my blog more beautiful.I tried with different themes but was not really satisfied with the blog style.

When i was busy with these things people were laughing at me and they were thinking that i am just wasting time behind this blog.But that was my passion.I did not leave this passion.I started to search for suggestion and was searching for blogs who are having passion for blogging like me or more than me.One day i have got one person as i was reading one post from his blog.The person's name was Shamim Nasir.His blogs name was Shamim Nasir's Blog.The blog was just like a story and i love the blog and it inspired me a lot.

I also got the mobile number of that blogger on his blog and email address also.Then i emailed him first about asking him some suggestion.He replied me very quickly.

He told me that my blog is not like a professional blog.As per him it shows like rubbish.As it was too much shiny and was having a lot of unwanted material.Then he suggested me to make my blog decent.I still respect that man for his creative criticism. Though it was not that much easy for me to digest a comment like that but keeping those points in my mind i started changing my blog and i think i got a decent look of my blog.At least people will not go away from my blog as it is not that much immature blog.

Then i started writing more and more and trying to increase my page rank in Google.I was trying to write more unique post and was trying to get more backlinks.I tried different techniques.I applied guest posting in my blog.I also got some guest writing in my blog.

One day i was just checking my blog Page rank and i have found that my blog is having Page Rank 3 which was a great achievement of my hard work.I will tell it hard work cause i just started from the zero and now i know a bit about blogging in Blogger and about Adsense.

On May 2012 I have got my first Googel Adsense Cheque.The amount was not that big amount but it was like a dream for me when i received the cheque. I was not blogging to earn money but i was blogging to explore my ideas.

I am still searching for new and newer ideas which is be reflected in my blog.Writing and telecommunication is my passion.

So,i always want to do something with this two's combination.You readers are supporting me a lot.You can also write for my blog.If your article is unique  then i will publish it in my blog.I love blogging and exploring ideas.If you also love to explore ideas then just send your article to my email address which hssahaetc09@gmail.com

If your writing is unique i will publish your article.Cause i know how happiest those moments when people get benefited form your information.Help people with your information.It means a lot to the world !!


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