Elfoid Humanoid : Robotic Mobile Phone From Japan

The Osaka University Robotic research team has teamed up with NTT and Qualcomm to develop a humanoid handheld which will bring a new dimension to the mobile communication.The prototype of the device called "Elfoid P1".This was unveiled at a presentation in Tokyo in March,2012.

This phone is a miniature creation of the Telenoid R1 Robot developed by a research team lead by Osaka University Professor  Hiroshi Ishiguro.This is having the same genderless look like Telenoid and this is also having one ageless look.

The control button of this humanoid is been placed in the chest and it glows green when it is in operation.This is equipped with a motion-captured system and a camera .This will be able to watch the user's face and will be able to transfer the motion data to another Elfoid.Which can then reproduce face and head movements in real time.

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