What Is Telecommunication?

Telecommunication is a kind of technology which will provide the exchange of information over a certain distance with electronic equipment. Usually a telecommunication user equipment is enabled with two equipment’s one is Transmitter and another is receiver. As in the telecommunication the transmitter and receiver are combined together in one place so it is called as Transreceiver. The medium of transmitting the signal can be of copper wire or optical fiber or electromagnetic field.When the transmission and reception medium is electromagnetic field then it is called wireless communication.

If there are more than one transmitter and receiver in an environment then it is called a telecommunication network.
Data is transferred in a telecommunication medium through a carrier or carrier wave.To convey the information from transmitter to receiver some kind of technique is required which is called as modulation.The mode of modulation can be either analog or digital modulation in telecommunication.If we do analog modulation then some aspect of the carrier is been varied with the accordance of the carrier wave.The oldest form of analog modulation is amplitude modulation.
Digital modulation is the latest form of modulation and this dominates the analog modulation in terms of quality of the signal.Cause in digital modulation the quality of the received signal is far more better.In the early 1900 many digital modulation techniques were introduced in the field of telecommunication.
Some people only think that telecommunication is only telephony. But they are not actually right form the technological point of view. Because Radio and TV communication is also a kind of telecommunication. So,this is not necessary that you must need to hear and talk in a telecommunication network and only that type of communication is telecommunication.
The telecommunication and broadcasting of telecommunication is been observed by International Telecommunication Union (ITU).The headquarter of this ITU is Geneva,Switzerland.

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