How To Activate Windows 7 Hidden Themes Easily ?

In Windows 7 when you install the Windows 7 Software it asks for the country name and probably you select Language as English and "Time and currency format" is English (United States) so the Windows 7 only install the Themes for United States.But you probably know that there are other themes for other country like Australia,Canada ,South Africa etc.

So,to select all the themes what should be your first step? It is really easy and interesting.Just follow the below steps:

Copy the path in the box which is shown by the arrow
Step 1: Copy "C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT" this path to your start menu on the search box and enter.It will provide you the result like below:

You will get these folders for different countries

Step 2: Now Click on all the folder and double click on the Theme folder and activate all the windows themes for all the countries.

You need to click double to activate the theme
 Step 3: Now right click on your desktop or go to the control panel and go to the "Appearance and Personalization" section and activate the theme that you want.You will get the the screen like below:
In your Appearance and Personalization section you will get the themes for different countries

Now you are done.Now enjoy all the themes form all the different countries and make your screen colorful.

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Thanks for your helpful techniques.Now i can set all the themes in Windows 7

Thanks buddy.My desktop is colorful now.The tricks are just nice.Thank you.

WOW ! I have got all the themes now.These are really nice.Thanks for such a clear instruction.

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