About Telecommunication In 2012 (Analysis)

In 2012 telecommunication is going to take a new turn with its new generation technology. About the telecommunication scenario of 2012 is quite deterministic. In 2012 the telecommunication giants in the world are going to change their traditional telecommunication transmission technology. They will start up with some new technologies and your life will be full of those technologies.

In 2012 the global telecommunication industry will switch to LTE (Long Tem Evolution).This will increase the data rate traffic in telecommunication industry. Though WiMax technology is providing high data speed but as the technology from the Internet guyz so the global telecommunication organizations are not taking and adopting this as their own technology. So, they are trying to stick on their own track cause this will benefit them. So,they are trying to switch to a technology which is named as Long Term Evolution (LTE) and it will provide high data rate in telecommunication. This will use a frequency band which is rare than usual. It will take the frequency band of 700 Mhz which is used for domestic television transmission.
So,if the telecommunication industry want to switch to LTE then they need to grab this spectrum of 700 Mhz and for this they need to make alternative of domestic TV channels.This is the reason why every country is switching Direct to Home TV transmission.So,that the domestic tv will get less number to watch.
The another revolutionary topic that is going to rock the Telecommunication in 2012 is Machine to Machine (M2M) communication.In this type of communication there will be no human between one machine to another machine communication.So,this is going to be like.In this type of communication machine will communicate with machine automatically and the machines will decide the decision and will take action accordingly.This machine to machine communication will be done in wireless medium.If you check some renowned operators TV Commercial in Youtube you will be able to see that they are encouraging Machine to Machine communication.
Device to Device communication is another type of communication technology which is also in the focus in 2012.Device to Device communication will use the resources in a telecom network but it will not transmit the signal to the BSC and MSC rather the devices will communicate independently.So,there will be not use of Bluetooth.
There is no doubt that the telecommunication in 2012 is going to be very interesting.Let’s hope for the best in telecommunication in 2012.

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