Machine To Machine Communication : A New Era Of Communication !

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Machine To Machine or M2M Communication is a kind of communication in which Machine will communicate with machine using wire or wireless.Right now this is the latest topic in the table of telecommunication community.

This Machine to Machine communication is totally a new business concept in the telecommunication industry.This is born from the original telemetry technology and can be done either by cable or radio.Machine to Machine (M2M) technology includes a number of technology which needs to be combined to make the deployment of this Machine to Machine communication.

Technically Machine to Machine communication addresses or refers to the communication between computers ,mobiles,sensors, actuators and mobile devices with or without human intervention.Why this Machine to Machine communication and what the scenarios in Machine to Machine communication?
1. A networked machine is more valuable than an isolated machine.
2. When there is a group of machines instead of a single machine then a lot of work can be done using the data and the information which are contained in the machines.

The importance and impact of machine to machine communication is increasing day by day as the previous prediction.Researchers are predicting that there will be more than 1.5 billion devices which will communicate in between them without any human intervention except the mobiles which will be connected wirelessly.Right now various application of Machine to Machine communication is already been explored in many areas like cyber transportation system (CTS),Smart robots,health sector,manufacturing system and smart home grids.

Using the capabilities of decision making and autonomous control ,the machine to machine communication can be upgraded to cyber physical system (CPS).

Mobile operators are trying to make this Machine to Machine communication mobile for users. But data loss and recovery is a great challenge. Scientists are using one new coding named Network Coding to enhance the performance of the decoded packets.

It can be blindly said that the new era of communication will be machine to machine communication and you will not be there to take the decision,The machine will take the decision for you.
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