Government Plans for National Internet Exchange (NIX)

If a student from East West University sends an e-mail to a student of North South University then the mail will go around the whole world.The mail will go through the host ISP (Internet Service Provider) in America via Singapore though two or more submarine cable.As this is passing through submarine cable the cost will also get high and the time taken will also get higher.

But if the ISP,East West and North South is been connected together then the mail will not pass a long distance and it will also received very quickly.This solution is been made by the telecommunication sector of Bangladesh.A National Internet Exchange (NIX) is going to be introduced by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.
NIX will be a non profitable organization and the ISP will pay NIX.India has implemented the NIX facility in the year 2003.
The draft licensing guideline which is been submitted to BTRC permits International Internet Gateway (IIG) licensees should provide NIX facility.


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