How to Check Usage Balance In Ollo ?

After getting questions from the readers of my blog about "How to check usage balance in Ollo" i tried to search in their website to know the procudure.But i was unable to find it cause there is no specific information about how to check the usage balance.But i was searching for the answer and trying hard to find the answer.Cause i know the reader who asked me the question has the believe that i can answer the question.Thanks to the readers.After not getting the answer i sent one email regarding the balance check information.Today they replied me just before half an hour.If you think that below information is helpful then please do not like the page on Facebook or share the article on Facebook.It will help my blog to get explored.They are telling like below and in this way you can check the balance in ollo:

Our subscribers can know the usage details of OLLO account through our helpline (09611016243).

Below i have pasted the mail which i have got from Ollo:

So,i think they are still not have any system like QUBEE or Banglalion.So,friends and readers just to inform you again you need to call at 09611016243 to know the usage details.


Thanks a lot for the post.I tried a lot to know the procedure but did not get anywhere.Even in the ollo website.But i have got the information over here.

Yes,this information is not even in ollo website.

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