Text Messages (SMS) Can Change Lives ! Proved !

Many people will tell that the text message option has made our life more technical and robotic.It is also the cause of road accident cause while driving or walking through the road people use mobile phone for text messaging and because of their lake of concentration they face some kind of accident.
But it is now been proved that Text Messaging Service also can change lives.It can surely change your mode if you are getting a good text message or someone is caring about you.It may be very small in size or very less number of characters to express it.But the impact is high.
May be you can send only uok?But the impact of this will be not that small as it looks.
Adrian Aguilera who is a professor in University of California has observed that his patients are getting better mood when one sms is been sent to them.
The people from low income area or who are depressed were the patients.And the patients were supposed to get one SMS about questioning the update of their mental health.
It was very clear when for some technical issue the SMS service was stopped and the patients complained that why they are not getting messages and why someone is not caring about them.
You can judge this thing also in your case.When you are depressed or not in a mode to do any kind of fun then this is obvious that a good message from a closer one can change your mood and you will become in the flying colors.
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