20000 Students Failed To Apply For BCS Just Because Of the Technical Fault of Teletalk and PSC

For the first time this year Bangladesh PSC(Public Service Commission) opened the online application process.Who wanted to apply for the BCS examination they simply filled the online form by entering the online form application process and then submitted online money through Teletalk.

But before some days of the closing date of application the Teletalk service faced a lot of problem and people were unable to send the money through Teletalk.Just because of the technical fault of Teletalk around apprx .20000 students failed to fill the  money and after trying again again they failed to deposit the money through the online process.

Now the question is what will be the future of those students who failed to fill the form and submit it within time?Cause many students among those students will not be able to appear for the examination next year as their age will not be limited within the limit.

But this fault is not done by the students .If someone should be responsible for this deed then PSC and Teletalk should be the responsible party.Cause they had established the online process and failed to maintain it.

Another thing that PSC did very bad ,when the students were protesting against this they were beaten by the police.May be the PSC chairman should apologize for this.

Before doing one site live some tests must be done like load testing during the rush hour,load balancing and the backup site if the original one is down.I think Teletalk did not do any of this test and PSC did not bother to check for this.This is the total responsibility of PSC.Students should not suffer for this!
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