Ollo Coverage Area - How to Check Ollo Coverage?

Ollo Coverage in Motijheel

May be you are thinking of taking an ollo modem or to adopt Ollo internet service but you really do not know whether your place is been covered by Ollo or Not?
The best way to check zone coverage in Ollo you can Click here.
Now you will see different location are written like Dhanmondi,Gulshan,Uttara and Motijheel.If you want to check specially for your place that you are living or working then just click on any of the region that you live.Like if you are living in Khilkhet then you need to Click on Uttara.Then a map will appear just beside the option.
Then you will see that some places are colored with Blue color.This means those regions are having ollo coverage.Now check your place name.If it is covered then you are ready to buy one Ollo modem.
If you still face any problem you can ask here through your comments.I will try to answer your question Asap.

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