5 Things that "Teleinfo" thinks about Facebook !

Today trying to write something interesting !Was thinking for a long time.But nothing was coming out of head.At last thought that why do pass some quotes about Facebook.A billion people loves Facebook.So,if i write related to it may be people will also love to read this.I do not know but just trying to read some quotes.This are not coming out instantly.This were in my mind before a long time.You feedback is most welcome.

1. Facebook timeline is not that user friendly.Facebook should try something new removing the timeline.May be some background environment is a good option.Like people can select those environments and save them as their background.If he is in a place where it is snowing then he or she will be able to set the background as snowing.If it is raining then he will be also able to set it.

2.Facebook should have one dislike button.If Facebook does not want to become so rude then it can use one button which should mean that he does not like this.But i am sure Facebook is not going to use this.Then they will loose their traffic.Cause if anyone gets any dislike in Facebook he or she will not sign into Facebook.

3.Facebook should have some private messaging platform.Where people will be able to chat separately.Now a days people do not even get online just because he or she will get irritated by people who are not necessary to them at that moment.

4.A billion of people are using Facebook and giving Facebook a billion of money.But Facebook should also provide something to their user.They can start some kind of online quiz which will have some regular prizes.It will cost very little but will encourage and involve the people a lot.

5.Facebook should share its revenue to the people.Like there are lots of pages in Facebook.Facebook should provide an opportunity to their reader to allocate ads to those pages and they can pay the page owner if those adds get clicked.

Facebook is making a lot of money.We,the common people are the part of Facebook.So,we have some right to have some benefit from it.
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