Research Result : Facebook User Girls Are Not Happy In Real Life!

Recently one research is been done in Sweden and it is been observed that lower middle class,less educated class women and girls who use Facebook are not happy in real life.A large portion of the girls are suffering from this problem.
In today life it is very usual that people spent some time in Facebook from their regular life.According to the research result it is been observed that girls and women spend 81% time in Facebook,Men and boyz spend 64% time in Facebook.One third people who are men, use Facebook to disturb others.One fourth of the boyz use Facebook just to show and express their pride.
But girls always express their emotion and relation status in Facebook.One student from Gutenberg University expressed in one of his Doctorate paper that "People are getting addicted with Facebook without knowing anything deeply and in their subconscious mind.They log in to Facebook every time they open their browser."

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