Grameen Phone Blackberry Price and Details Specification

Most of the corporate people love to use Blackberry.Blackberry is also having all the features that a high speed enabled handset needs to have.Blackberry supports HSDPA and 3G.
Grameen Phone has also introduced two Blackberry handsets right now.The models of those Blackberry handsets are Blackberry 9800 and Blackberry 9300.
Both the sets are having both touch screen and keypads.So,the user has the independence to choose whether he or she loves to use the touch pad or the keyboard.
Both the handsets supports HSDPA and 3G.
The price for the Blackberry 9800 will be around 55,000 and for the Blackberry 9300 the price will be like 22,00.You will get 15 days replacement warranty and 3 months warranty. 
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