New Facebook Messanger : Product Review and Comparision with Google Talk

Yes,Today morning when i just logged into my Facebook account i had seen one small pop up which was telling me to Install the Facebook messenger.There was also one message that chat on Facebook without logging in to Facebook.
So,guyz now you can chat with your Facebook friends even if you are not Logged in Facebook.Is this same like Google Talk? As far i have seen,yes,this is like Google Talk.You will also get notified if you have any notification on your own Facebook page.You will also get the messages notification and if someone wants to be your friend you will also be notified.
But as like Google Talk it does not give you the file transfer flexibility.So,Facebook should think in this sector.
 You will also get notification on the screen to see what your friends are doing on Facebook but as far i have seen you will not be able to do voice chat which is a great advantage in Google Talk.

As compared to Google talk it is more live but the facilities you would love to use for your work is more in Google Talk.
You will get notified about lots of things but you will not be able to share file and do voice chat on your Facebook new desktop messenger.
Hope Facebook will keep this points in mind and will upgrade the product accordingly for its better and popular use.
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