Angry Birds : Redifining the Gaming Experience in Mobile and PC !

Angry Birds is a video game which is designed by a Finnish Company named Rovio Mobile.This is inspired by a sketch of a wingless bird.The game was first used in iPhone iOS in back 2009.After its release around 12 million copies of this game is been purchased from different Apple stores all over the world.
For the increased demand of Angry Birds,different versions were introduced in the market which are completable for the other versions of smart phones of other companies.Not only the game also the toys related to Angry Birds are now very popular in market.The marketing strategy of Angry Birds is very popular and efficient.Angry Birds T-Shirts are also available in the market of all over the world.
For the marketing of the game,the company is using Angry Birds T-shirt in the supermarkets like Carrefore .When i was in Taiwan i had seen this T-Shirt which were worn by the sales man and the counter girls.Which is a very efficient strategy.
The main theme of the game is to retrieve the eggs which are taken by a group of pigs.In the various level of the game,the pigs are surrounded by various materials like wood,stone and ice.The player need to rescue those eggs from the group of pigs.This is cool.
Various Angry birds toys is also popular in the market.Below are some samples of the toys.

Angry Birds games are now also available in Facebook.If you want to play this game online then you can play this game online in Facebook.
You can see the specialty in all the birds are that they are not having in wings.Though birds are special for their wings but here the concept is without wings and you can realize how fruitful the concept is.

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